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By: CJ Rena Johnson


Product Reviews: Steadymate Tie-Downs and Kwik Straps

Cinchtight Tie Downs
CinchTite 2 Tie-Downs
CinchTite 2 Tie-Downs

CinchTite 4 Tie-Down with Cam-Tensioning Device
CinchTite 4 Tie-Down with Cam-Tensioning Device

Cinchtite 5 Tie-Downs with Spring-Loaded Snap Hook
Cinchtite 5 Tie-Downs with Spring-Loaded Snap Hook

Cinchtite 6 Tie-Downs
Cinchtite 6 Tie-Downs

Kwik Strap with Cinchtite 2 Tie-Down
Kwik Strap with Cinchtite 2 Tie-Down

I recently had the opportunity to start using some of the Steadymate products by Kinedyne including a couple sets of the Cinchtight Tie Downs as well as a set of the Kwik Straps.

I hate this part

My least favorite part of off-roading is the loading and unloading of my recreational vehicles. I always stress about making sure they are secure enough not to move during transport, and it is usually a nuisance to get them to that point. Then I still worry about them as I go down the road. With some of the products I have used previously, that worry was justified. They either work themselves loose during travel or are so twisted or tight when I get to the trailhead that it takes two people to pull them loose. I am no good at tying knots in plain straps. I can never pull the straps with the standard tension devices tight enough. Therefore, the fastener devices are often the main contributing factor to why this has always been my least favorite part of off-roading.

Out of the Box

I have to say, the Cinchtite tie downs looked quite impressive when I first pulled them out of the box with their sturdy ratchet buckles and extra thick webbing material.

Cinchtite 1, 2 & 3

The first Steadymate product I tried was the Cinchtite 2. They have 1 nylon webbing and sturdy S hooks. The hooks were large enough to hook securely over any part of my trailer or vehicle with no problem. However, the ratchet buckle was what really impressed me. They were strong enough and large enough to easily pull the webbing tight and keep the vehicle secure. They were also smoother in operation and easier to handle than any I had used before.

The Cinchtite 1 has all the same features as the Cinchtite 2 except that it has a cam-tensioning device instead of the ratchet buckle found on the Cinchtite 2.

The Cinchtite 3 has the cam-tensioning device like the Cinchtite 1 but also has the built-in Soft Loop like the Cinchtite 4, 5, and 6 Tie-downs listed below.

Cinchtite 4, 5 & 6

The next product I took out and hooked up to my RZR was a set of the Cinchtite 5 Tie-Downs. They looked a bit different from any straps I had used before.

The Cinchtite 5 Tie-Down Strap has a spring-loaded snap hook that I really liked because it cannot slip off the trailer or other holder from the moment you attach it. That in itself, made attaching it much easier and more convenient.

The built-in soft loop, designed to prevent scratches to your vehicle and your Cinchtite Tie-Down, was a feature I had never used or seen before. Once I figured out the best way to use it, I decided right away that I loved it. The Cinchtite 5 also has the strong 1 webbing that I like so much on the Cinchtite 2 Tie-Downs.

The Cinchtite 4 has all the same features as the Cinchtite 5 except that, like the Cinchtite 1, it has a cam-tensioning device instead of the ratchet buckle.

The Cinchtite 6 comes with all the same features as the Cinchtite 5, including the heavy-duty ratchet buckle, the spring-loaded snap hook and the built-in soft loop. However, the Cinchtite 6 comes with 2 webbing instead of 1 making it even more heavy duty for the larger recreational vehicles.

Note: All of these sets come with two tie-downs per package.

Kwik Strap

The Kwik Straps work the same way as the soft loop, protecting both your recreational vehicle and your Cinchtite Tie-downs from scratches or other damages due to any movement or vibration during transport. The Kwik Strap is made with a round sling material, which allows for a little give to aid in this damage prevention. They work with any type of tie-down you use, but are most often used with Cinchtite 1 & 2. I used one with one of the Cinchtite 2 Tie-Downs in an area where it was hard to get the hook attached to the trailer. It worked great.

The Kwik Straps come in 12 and 18 sets and have a working weight limit of 1,000 lbs. These also come with two straps in each package.
So far so good, I thought, but we will see what happens during travel or how difficult they are to undo at the trailhead.

Checking the Tie-Downs

I always stop and check my tie-downs at least once during the trip, usually when I stop to fuel up so I can retighten any that are loose.

However, that was not an issue with the new Steadymate Tie-Downs. They were as secure when I checked them at the gas station, as they were when I left the house.

When I reached the Trailhead

Usually when I get the tie-downs tight enough to hold the vehicle like these were, they are next to impossible to release when I am ready to undo them. However, that was not the case with my new Cinchtight straps. When I got to the trailhead, I released one side of the ratchet buckle, gave it a little tug; and it loosened right up. That was possibly the first time I have smiled while hooking or unhooking any of my off-road vehicles!

Picking the Right Size

The Steadymate straps do come in different sizes, so be sure to pick the size that will work best for you and your toys.

  • The Cinchtite 1, 2 & 3 Tie-Downs are 5 long and have a working weight limit of 835 lbs.
  • The Cinchtite 4 also has a weight limit of 835 lbs, but is 6 long.
  • The Cinchtite 5 is 6 long and has a working weight limit of 1000 lbs.
  • The Cinchtite 6 is 6 long, has 2 wide webbing and a working weight limit of 1,670 lbs.


I was definitely impressed with the Steadymate products I tried and would recommend them to anyone who wants to take securing your vehicles to the next level!

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