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ATV is a privately owned and operated business located in Hamilton, Ohio. Founded in 1999, the company is among the world's leaders in online news and information delivery for the ATV/UTV industry.  The  company's common thread, shared by all of our team, is our passion for ATVs and UTVs.  ATV exists to keep the ATV/UTV Community aware of a variety of information, from the manufacturers in the industry to the well being of our sport, and to provide a platform to share the ATV/UTV Community Spirit. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.

Editorial Mission

ATV’s media publication highlights the outdoor lifestyle of ATV/UTV enthusiasts. ATV reports on the fast-action, high-flying world of amateur and pro ATV racing, sport/recreational riding, and aftermarket products for all ATVs/UTVs.

In addition, ATV covers the active lifestyle of ATV/UTV owners who use their ATVs/UTVs from trail riding to farming, to hunting and fishing. ATV provides a full spectrum of real world uses, applications, and accessories with performance evaluations on the latest machines and products.

We further our coverage by actively highlighting organizations that work to see our riding lands stay open and promote those that work within the community to provide a positive organization for our sport.

Our online media allows us to reach and entertain an audience of ATV/UTV enthusiasts from the United States and around the world.

Promoting A Community Spirit

It is important for all ATV/UTV related organizations, manufactures, product distributors, corporations, web site owners, etc. to work TOGETHER for the well being of our sport. ATV's have outsold dirtbikes for the past several years and continues to out pace any other recreational vehicle. The sport of ATVing is a popular recreational activity for many outdoor enthusiasts.

As the ATV riding population continues to grow, our riding areas have become more crowded.  Just like our major highways of today, either a new highway is built or the existing is expanded.  For the ATV/UTV Enthusiasts, looking for that over-crowded relief, our goals are to work to keep riding areas opened and/or to recover those that have been closed.  Realizing this to be easier said than done, our impact is focused at communicating our needs, respect for the environment, and improving the image of ATV/UTV enthusiast through increased awareness. 

This is why it is so imperative for all ATV/UTV related organizations, manufactures, product distributors, corporations, web site owners, etc. to work together to promote our sport in a positive manner.

Six things ATV is working to accomplish.

  1. To stimulate and advance the general knowledge for the ATVing and UTV Community;
  2. To provide a medium for the exchange of ATVing and UTV information;
  3. To develop a fraternal spirit among all ATVers, UTVers and other outdoor recreational interest;
  4. To serve the interests of ATV/UTV owners;
  5. To unite the ATV/UTV Community to help our sport gain equal access opportunity to land;
  6. To unite those that want to become part of the ATVing and UTVing Community

How to contribute to the positive image of our sport.

  1. Strive to tread lightly on the environment;
  2. Be courteous to others;
  3. Respect private property and obey the law;
  4. Be an responsible rider - Responsible riders are also safe riders;
  5. Wear the appropriate protective gear - Helmet, eye protection, long pants, and proper foot protection;
  6. Maintain your machine and know your machine;

Every time you follow these simple rules, you are contributing to the positive image of recreational motor vehicle activities. Remember, the future of recreational motor vehicles depends on your responsible behavior today.

In order for the ATV/UTV Community to retain open riding areas, we must unite as an organization. A group or organization can get more done than an individual. It is a very hard task to gain additional riding areas but very easy to lose them. You can complain about limited riding areas or you can choose to help do something about it.

Be safe while you ride and respect the land.

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