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ATV Source delivers quality content to ATVers, and surfers around the world. Our publication provides a great opportunity for Manufactures, Vendors, Event Sponsors, and everything in-between to effectively get their message across to our viewers. We are hard to beat if you are looking for a targeted audience.


Publication FAQs for "ATV Relevant Articles."

We accept ATV Relevant newsworthy items.

If you have an article or something in mind, send us the write-up and related hi-res photos, and we'll let you know if it is something we'll publish.

Send all related materials to info @

Publication FAQs for "ATV Clubs Press Releases."

We accept ATV Clubs press releases for newsworthy items. Press releases for local rides, poker runs, new club introductions, etc. are accepted. We are looking for up-to-date information about your club.

If you need to get the word out about your club, pass the word to us and we'll pass the word to our many viewers. Send all club related material to: Info @

Publication FAQs for "Press Releases."

We accept press releases for newsworthy items. Press releases for new products or newsworthy items are accepted only. We are looking for up-to-date releases and new releases for this coming and/or current season.

If your company is releasing a new product or you would like to get the word out about a product, send us the press release and hi-res photos to info @ and we will help spread the news to our readers for FREE.

Publication FAQs for "Product Reviews."

We are accepting product reviews. If you have a product that you would like for us to review or give special attention too, contact our editorial staff at info @

We will evaluate products of all kinds. A product review will receive a review article following our testing/evaluation period. Most testing is done as conditions allow, so some reviews may take longer than others.

Our reviews will stay current for one year and archived after that, giving the best exposure than any in-print publications can do.

We will do our best to give a product an unbiased review, based solely on its intended use. Note: Unless it is an actual ATV, products are not returned after evaluation, unless previous arrangements have been made.

Contact us if you have questions or want additional info about our testing procedures.

Publicaton FAQs for "Machine Reviews."

Information Coming Soon.

Publication FAQs for "Race Reports or Event Information."

ATV would like the opportunity to help promote your ATV racing event, track, or ATV racing organization. Our goal is to provide ATV racers with quality information about all AMA Sanctioned and Non-AMA Sanctioned ATV racing events. We will display any information pertaining to ATV racing events for free.

We encourage all ATV racing promoters, track owners, and ATV racing organizations to submit your information today! Send all information to info @