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Find Opportunities for Recreation on Federal Lands

Alaska ATV

Dalton Highway Recreation Management Area

Description: Crossing the Brooks Range is one of the true motoring adventures available in North America. One of the best places to see Dall sheep in Alaska is on the rocky slopes of Atigun Pass (mile 240, elevation 4,739 feet) along Dalton Highway. This is the highest point in the Alaska road system. The sheep may also be seen between the pass and Galbraith Lake (mile 275), as well as on Slope Mountain (miles 297-301). Also watch for arctic foxes, muskoxen (particularly north of Slope Mountain), caribou, peregrine falcons, golden eagles, and rough-legged hawks.

Directions: From Fairbanks, drive north about 11 on Steese Highway to Fox, then drive north about 76 miles on Elliott Highway to its intersection with Dalton Highway. From there, it is 56 miles northwest on Dalton Highway to Yukon Crossing, then an additional 144 miles northwest to Coldfoot. Check your gas supply before preceding, as there are no services until the end of the highway at Deadhorse (mile 414).

1150 University Avenue
Fairbanks, AK 99709
Phone: (800)437-7021

Iditarod National HistoricTrail Recreation Management Area

Description: The Iditarod National Historic Trail is a network of 2,037 miles of trails once used by ancient Alaska Natives and early 20th- century prospectors. The vegetation varies from coastal Sitka spruce to the alpine tundra of the Chugach Mountains and Alaska Range. Wildlife is plentiful and includes moose, caribou, black bear, brown bear, lynx, beaver, otter, marten, bald eagle, and all types of waterfowl. Fish species include salmon, steelhead, Dolly Varden, trout, and arctic graying. The Iditarod received its Historic Trail designation from Congress in 1978 for its historic importance. The Trail is the route for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog

6881 Abbott Loop Road
Anchorage, AK 99507
Phone: 907.267.1293

White Mountains National Recreation Area

1150 University Avenue
Fairbanks, AK 99709
Phone: 800.437.7021

Description: This 1-million-acre area is used primarily from February to April, when dog-mushers, snowmobilers, and skiers come to take advantage of the winter solitude and northern lights. BLM maintains 9 winter cabins, which are connected by a network of more than 300 miles of groomed winter trails. Much of the area is too wet to hike through in the summer, but Beaver Creek National Wild River and several short trails offer opportunities for adventure.

Directions: Begin your trip at the BLM office or the Alaska Public Lands Information Center (an interagency office) in Fairbanks, where you can obtain detail ed directions, as well as the latest information on trail and weather conditions. Most summer hiking occurs along the Summit Trail at mile 28, Elliott Highway. Winter access is at mile 28 as well as mile 57, Elliott Highway. BLM is also developing a new access point off U.S. Creek Rd., mile 57, Steese Highway.

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